Web/Mobile/App Development

One of our unique strengths is in having strong technical expertise along with strong business and creative foundations. This enables us to address and manage different points in the software development lifecycle, without relying solely on different teams. It also allows us to understand the project from different perspectives to drive a more complete solution.

Leveraging these skills, we have developed numerous marketing websites and e-commerce websites. We like to think of these as web applications since they are full featured with the latest technology to drive business objectives. We also create iOS & HTML5 mobile apps as well as Facebook apps, to extending the website experience for our customers or integrating them into an overall strategy like social media.

Some of our favorite tools to use are:

  • Languages: PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, CSS, ASP.NET, VBA, Objective-C
  • Frameworks: jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Backbone.js
  • Formats: AJAX, JSON, XML
  • CMS: WordPress, Umbraco
  • Tools: Genesis, Highcharts
  • E-commerce: WooCommerce, Magento, uWebShop
  • Databases: SQL Server, mySQL, SQLite, Quickbase
  • Platforms: AWS, Heroku

Our development services include:

  • WordPress websites
  • Marketing websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Custom responsive web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Facebook applications
  • Frontend design
  • Backend design
  • Frontent/backend integration
  • Database development
  • API/framework creation