Social Media Services

Our approach to social media goes beyond laying out the channels, platforms, and tactics to support publishing, listening, and engagement with your customers. We implement a social business strategy that integrates social technologies and processes into business values and practices to build relationships and spark conversations both inside and outside your oganization. The key to creating this value for your business is 1) a clear alignment with your strategic business goals and 2) your organizations own alignment/support to enable the execution this strategy.

We have experience driving social initiatives within organizations just starting with a bottom-up functional approach as well as those fully underway with a top-down executive social business vision. There are unique challenges in each of these types of organizations as the level and support of these social initiatives greatly differ.

Often social initiatives are peer-guided or competitor-driven, but our approach to social strategy helps your organization evolve into a truely social business.

Our social strategies incorporate the following:

  • Risk management with policies, processes, and procedures.
  • Connecting social initiatives to your business goals and your business outcomes.
  • Defining roles, responsibilities, and governance of your social management teams.
  • Informing, engaging, and aligning your social initiatives with your top executives.
  • A detailed roadmap of what your social initiatives will do and not do for the organization.
  • A long-term vision of your social customer relationship management.
  • Key metrics and KPIs aligning your social activities with your business outcomes.
  • Internal training for employees on how and how not to use social media to support the organization.

Our social media services include:

  • Understanding your business, your customers, and your strategic goals where social can make an impact.
  • Performing a social media competitive review, asset analysis, digital marketing analysis, and gap analysis.
  • Creating a detailed and unique social media business strategy for your business.
  • Implementing the technologies and tactics that amplify your marketing efforts and encourage sharing by your customers.
  • Managing your social media sites to drive engagement, consideration, and support of your prospects and customers.
  • Helping organize your social management teams for scale, governance, and providing education.
  • Helping implement social best practices throughout your organization’s business units to support your business goals.