Digital Marketing Strategy

The foundation of all our business services begins with a clearly defined strategy, aligned to your business goals, and supported by appropriate tactics. Whether we are building a website for you, managing your social media sites, or analyzing and optimizing your campaigns, we always use a strategic approach. A clear digital marketing strategy helps you maximize the business value of your initiatives.

Our strategic services include:

  • Evaluate your competitors.
  • Identifying your Business goals/objectives to close any gaps and align your initiatives.
  • Identifying your long-term vision that helps articulate to your shareholders the value of your initiatives.
  • Creating an engagement plan for key executives to actively support your initiatives.
  • Creating a roadmap to prioritize your initiatives and outline how they will create business value over time.
  • Creating an education process plan so knowledge from the initiatives can spread throughout your organization.
  • Creating a staffing plan to build and develop your internal capabilities.
  • Selecting the right technology for your strategy that supports the tactics of your initiatives.

Do you have the right strategy?

We evaluate your competitors, fine tune what networks work best for you, optimize your omni channels, and integrate social media with traditional marketing, therefore creating your position as an industry leader through social business.

Many companies have already entered social media without any plans or goals set, just to jump on the bandwagon. Creating a Facebook business page or Twitter handle is not enough to gain your audience’s attention or even understand what’s being shared about your brand. In order to tune into your targeted audience, there must be a strategic direction your company takes — especially if you want to capture the next generation of customers and stay ahead of your competitors. By looking back at what you’ve already invested in, and looking ahead to where you’d like to be, we create consistent plans that target your audience.

Strategies and goals will ensure you are one step ahead of the competition. We identify with you the key metrics for measuring social business success and benchmark at all time against those metrics. Your content is consistently optimized and planned and you’ve implemented the best tools for scaling and optimization of engagement.

Our plan for success includes the 5 Pillars of Social Media Success. Our strategy leaves no stone unturned. We dive into the current view of our your network, grasp your competitive landscape, take the next step of identifying the fans, and optimize content based on your goals. We’ll figure out the networks, voice, and specialized campaigns, such as hosting Twitter chats, crowdsourcing your next product, expressing pure acts of gratitude, or building rewards programs.