• Venson Kuchipudi

    Listed as one of the top 100 social media strategist to watch, Venson brings over 20 years of business, technical, and social media expertise to digital marketing. Previously, Venson served as Sr. Director of Web Development & Social Computing at Infor, the 3rd largest … Find Out More...

    Venson Kuchipudi
  • Social Media

    "Venson's one of the leading B2B social media experts in the industry. His passion to learn and courage to push forward comes across in his work. Venson builds and nurtures relationships, a key skill in today's every transparent and social world." ~ Ray W. … Find Out More...

    Social Media
  • Web Development

    "Venson's 'can-do' attitude and diverse business experience have always added value to each of my projects. I highly recommend Venson if you are looking for help in social marketing, web/app design, database solutions or ERP." ~ Jeff G. … Find Out More...

    Web Development
  • Web Analytics

    "If you aren't measuring, you're just practicing". We are about helping businesses become successful by creating a data driven strategy. Everything we do is results oriented to make a positive impact on your business. Our experience with multiple web analytics, data mining … Find Out More...

    Web Analytics
  • Web Optimization

    We have developed a proven strategy for optimizing your digital marketing to improve reach, conversion, engagement, and your individual goals. Our approach precludes the use of ‘best guess’ optimization, by relying on your actual data. … Find Out More...

    Web Optimization

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